Bitcoin Rush Review

Whether Bitcoin Rush is a fraud or serious, one cannot say at this time yet. If you are looking for the Bitcoin Rush App via popular search engines, you won’t find it for now. There is a game in the ONLINE CASINOS which has exactly the same name. So you first need the right domain to find the offer at all. As soon as you enter the platform, a countdown starts at the top. According to the operators, the demand is so high that you can only register within the time limit. That’s nonsense, of course. Of course you still have the possibility to register after the expiration of the clock. This is therefore only for marketing purposes, so that the future investor becomes careless and registers quickly.
As soon as you take a closer look at the page, you notice that it is only one page. There are no sub-pages, the footnotes are just pop-ups. Compared to other reputable trading platforms, such as the CFD broker eToro, this is very simple. Here you should keep your eyes open and take a closer look at the platform.

Bitcoin Rush Review

Right at the beginning of the Bitcoin Rush App you will find a video. There are several personalities, like Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson, who talk about Bitcoin. There are also old excerpts from news when the Bitcoin price just rocketed. The very lurid video also helps the customer to get a good feeling and to invest his money in Bitcoins.

Strange things about Bitcoin Rush
bitcoin photoDirekt afterwards you will find a possibility to register, but there is a simple step-by-step guide below. The website also advertises that the McAfee and Norton anti-virus programs had no problems with the trading platform. This is self-evident as long as the Bitcoin Rush program doesn’t want to access the computer or data on the network. Such statements do not indicate the seriousness of the website.

In addition, the website is said to have already appeared in several major broadcasters and newspapers. These include CNN, Financial Times, Time and However, as soon as you check the information about the operators of Bitcoin Rush, you will not find any reports or broadcasts of any kind.

On the website you can also find a sketch of the Bitcoin course from 2011 until the end of 2018. So the case of the crypto currency was not shown and the graphic was changed. This should further strengthen the trust in cryptos and tempt the reader to make an investment. In reality, however, prices have fallen sharply since the Bitcoin reached its highest point so far.